Your Home For A Perfect Mix

Comfortable Recording
Clean Mixing/Mastering
& Fast Turn-Around

Why Record At Certified Hit?

From Vocal Warm-Up To
Downloaded WAV
In Under A Week

We’re talented and professional. Our engineers are Pro Tools Certified and have 20 years of combined experience.
We sound expensive, but we’re not – we’re actually quite affordable.
Our turnaround time is 7 days – sometimes less, never more.

We want you to succeed. We provide you with powerful information to help your music career.

Our studio is relaxing and comfortable, and our vocal booth gives you plenty of room to express yourself. So go ahead – feel it.
Our studio and our equipment setup were carefully designed to deliver premium sound.
We pour our heart into your song. We take the time to do it right.

Your song is delivered digitally to your account. Download it whenever you want, no limit.

In The Studio

We Start By Recording Your Crisp, Clear Vocals

When your voice matters as much as the song, the right mic is everything. That’s why we use the incomparable Neumann TLM103. Neumann has been one of the most respected names in microphones for almost 100 years, and their TLM 103 has become a modern classic recognized the world over for its platinum-quality sound. Featuring broad presence, low noise, and powerful bass transmission, this mic will pick up every nuance of your vocals. Crisp, clear, brilliant. You.

Crystal Clear Quality

Mixing And Mastering Magnificence

Our Yamaha SH8 monitors deliver high-resolution sound with extremely flat response across the sound spectrum. In other words: pure, crystal-clear sound. You get a deep low end, sharp and precise mids, and crisp, smooth highs. That means every sound, at every range, is captured and shaped to create the optimal blend. It’s the way music should be – perfectly mixed, perfectly heard.

Industry Standard Software

Quality Equipment Requires The Best Software

We would only trust your song to Pro Tools. It’s the software of choice for top artists and audio professionals around the world, and it gives us everything we need to create great sounding mixes: powerful recording and editing tools, studio-staple processors, full mixing automation, and an almost limitless library of effects like reverbs and dynamics. Pro Tools is the best tool to help shape, enhance, and fine-tune your sound. And since all of our sound engineers are Pro Tools Certified, you can trust your song to their expertise. You’re in good hands.

Spacious Soundproof Booth

Get Amped Up To Record Your Hits

Our roomy vocal booth is equipped with the latest features to better capture your unique sound. High-end acoustic sound panels, 5’x6′ Plexiglass window, and a Pro Tools monitor screen installed directly into the booth so that you can see the session being recorded and edited in real time. Inputs, outputs, faders – you get immediate visual feedback for a more comfortable, intuitive performance.

Pro Tools Certified

Expert Audio Engineers

Mastering Engineer

Mario Salazar

15+ Years of Experience
Pro Tools Certified
Master’s Cert in Audio Engineering from Berkelee

Recording/Mixing Engineer

AJ Manzanares

5+ Years of Experience
Pro Tools Certified

About Us Here At Certified Hit

You come to us with a story, a voice, and a dream

We love to work with rising artists. You come to us with a story, a voice, and a dream. We respect that, and we want to do everything we can to help you find success.

We understand that coming into the studio can be intimidating – exciting, too – but still intimidating. So we designed our vocal booth to put you at ease. It’s spacious, comfortable, chill. We give you plenty of room to move around. To express yourself.


What Our Clients Have To Say About Our Studio

“Excellent studio amazing Quality work and they take so much time to make your song sound unique. Engineers work hard to ensure that your song sounds the best it can. I was coached on improving my vocals and my music has been better since. If you’re in Colorado you should definitely give this spot a check out”

Davon Commander

“Certified hit is most definitely the place to go to for your studio time! The environment is perfect to vybe to!”

4Real ENT

“The recording experience that I had was amazing! The sound quality was epic. Mario, (who recorded the vocals) was a true professional. Comfortablity, is what felt when I walked in the studio area . I have and will continue to send anyone who needs studio time or even beats for that matter, to this company.”

Digital Artistry

Our Cozy, Chill Recording Environment

Go Ahead And Put Your Heart Into It

Because that’s what we do, too. We work hard to fine-tune your recordings to perfection while staying true to your vision. To us, you’re not just another customer. You’re somebody whose voice matters. So we take the time to do things right. Our equipment and our engineers are all top-notch and hand-picked to give you radio-ready sound. Every engineer is Pro Tools certified and our equipment is professional grade.


Our Recording Studio Process

Straight-Forward & To The Point

First of all, we make it very easy to book your studio sessions. Select your date and time slot and you’ll receive a confirmation email when your session has been approved. Once you arrive at our studio, we get right to work setting up your project. After a quick warm-up, we prep the equipment for your voice. You record your vocals and pay for your studio session after your session has ended. 5 to 7 days after your studio session, we get to work on mixing your track. After your track has been mixed, you’ll get another email letting you know that your new music is available to be downloaded from your Certified Hit “My Music” account page.

Easy Studio Booking

With our online studio session booking portal, you can quickly book the date, time, and duration of your next studio session.

Quality & Comfort

We built our recording booth to be spacious and we made sure that our studio consists of only industry-standard recording equipment.

PayPal & Credit/debit

Your payments are processed securely via PayPal and your receipts are available for you to download on your Account page.

Secure Track Delivery

Your music is uploaded to your Certified Hit account for you to download whenever and wherever you’d like. Simply log in to your account, go to the “My Music” section and click the “Download” button on the ones you want to download.

You Are Just A Few Clicks Away From Your Professional Studio Session

Amazing Gear, Knowledgable Experts, Cozy Booth

$ 35 /hr


For when you are looking for an affordable, comfortable recording studio to lay down your vocals. Record your voice professionally in our huge vocal booth with our industry-standard equipment.

$ 20 /song


Our expert audio engineers then fine-tune your vocals, instruments, and drums to perfection. We take our time when we mix your music to make sure that your music sounds professional and phenomenal.

$ 20 /song


After your track has been properly mixed, we master your track to enhance the quality, loudness, and clarity of the entire mix to sound great across all sound systems, from headphones to venues.

We Sound Expensive, But We’re Not

We’re Still Affordable Because That’s How We Nurture Rising Talent.

We know you have places to go, so we guarantee a turnaround time of seven days. Sometimes sooner, never later. Once your song is ready we send it to you digitally in WAV or MP3 format. We load it to your account, so you can access and download it any time, as many times as you want. We know it’s important to you, so we keep it protected right there in that same spot. Forever.